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JobFlagsEnum Constants

The JobFlagsEnum values are used with the scheduling methods of the Script object to control how a job behaves. Table 24 describes JobFlagsEnum values.

Table 24. JobFlagsEnum Constant Values


Job has no special behavior.


Job is deleted when there are no more scheduled run times.


Job is disabled. This is useful for preventing a job from running at the scheduled time or times.


Job has a valid end date.


If for some reason Siebel Analytics Scheduler is down when the job is supposed to start, this flag indicates that the job should run when Siebel Analytics Scheduler starts up again.


When a job is removed and this flag is set, the script associated with the job is deleted. This is useful only in conjunction with the nqJobScriptContainsPath flag.


This flag indicates that the script associated with the job contains a path to a file containing the actual script code.


When this flag is set, the begin date and start time are ignored. Instead, these fields get set to the current time of Siebel Analytics Scheduler.


When scheduling another job from within a script, this flag specifies that the NQSConnect() function is disabled (the job is not a trusted job). This action effectively sets the nqJobIsUserScript flag for any job that the newly scheduled job may schedule.

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