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Design-Time Architecture of Workflow

Workflow components and definitions are defined as Siebel Tools objects and are stored in the Siebel Tools repository. Before you can run a workflow process, you must first deploy the workflow process from Siebel Tools, then activate the workflow process from the Siebel Web Client.

The Workflow Process repository object is a top-level object in the Object Explorer of Siebel Tools. You use the Object List Editor (OBLE) to create Workflow processes. Workflow processes belong to a project. There is no SRF compile required for deployment of workflow processes. There is no merge required. There is independent versioning of workflow processes in Siebel Tools and in the run-time client.

Configuration data is available at design time, but run-time data is not available at design time. You use process properties to create workflow definitions, or alternatively, you can enter data through unbounded picklists.

The following Siebel Tools features are not applicable to Workflow objects:

  • SIF export and import
  • Object Compare
  • Three-way merge during upgrades

Because Siebel Tools excludes Workflow objects from these features, it is important to use the Workflow import and export feature for backing up and restoring workflow definitions. For example, if you archive a project in Siebel Tools, the Workflow objects within that project are not archived.

CAUTION:  If you delete all the objects from a project expecting that they can be restored from the SIF, it is important to keep in mind that Workflow objects are an exception, and cannot be restored from the SIF. Use the Workflow import and export feature to back up and restore workflow definitions.

Figure 2 shows the design-time architecture of Workflow.

Figure 2.  Use the Process Designer in Siebel Tools to develop workflow processes. Workflow processes in development are stored in the Siebel repository.
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