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Modifying Existing Process Definitions

You can modify active workflow process definitions without restarting the Workflow Process Manager. The server parameter called Workflow Version Checking Interval controls how often the server component checks for new active versions of each process definition.

After a new process definition is activated, all incoming process instances after the Workflow Version Checking Interval will use the new definition. Process instances initiated before this activation will continue using the previous process definition.

To modify an existing workflow process definition

  1. In Siebel Tools, in the Workflow Processes OBLE, select the record for the workflow process you want to modify.
  2. Click the Revise button.

    A copy of the workflow process, with the same name and a version number incremented by one, appears in the OBLE with a status of In Progress.

  3. With this new version selected, right-click and choose Edit Workflow Process.
  4. Make changes to this new version, as necessary.
  5. When you have finished modifying the workflow process, validate it by right-clicking in the Palette Designer. For more information, see Using the Validate Tool to Correct Errors in Workflow Processes.
  6. Deploy the workflow process to make it active. For more information, see Deploying Workflow Processes.
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