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Example of Using a Predefined Workflow Policy Program: Change SR Owner

If an open service request is not assigned for a certain length of time, this workflow policy program could be used to assign (change owner) a service request to the expert in the area of the specific service request. This would allow the right people to see the incoming service request and assign it appropriately.

This workflow policy program allows you to select a new owner from a picklist and put it into the field of the Service Request record matching the policy condition. Table 60 shows the arguments for the Change SR Owner program.

Table 60.  Change SR Owner Program Arguments
Argument Name

Primary ID

Contains the row ID of the Service Request record meeting the policy condition.

Primary Table

Operation Type

Specifies the table (S_SRV_REQ) and what action is to take place (Update).

New Owner (Column)

Specifies the field in the record to be updated (Owner_EMP_ID).

New Owner

Indicates that a picklist is to be displayed for assigning a new owner.

The picklist is defined by columns picklist = Picklist SR Owner, Source = ID, and Applet = SR Owner Pick Applet.


When checked, indicates the picklist is visible to the user.

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