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Scenario for Planning Workflow Policies: Notification for 30%+ Discounts

In this scenario, the sales department manager wants to be automatically notified whenever sales representatives quote discounts over 30%. Table 27 lists a workflow policy that monitors quotes with a discount exceeding 30%, for which the purpose is to notify the sales manager to review and approve the quote.

Table 27.  Determining What to Monitor
What to Monitor
Purpose of the Policy

Quotes with a discount exceeding 30% need Sales Manager approval

Notify Sales Manager to review and approve the quote.

Table 28 shows the workflow policy name as Notify Sales Manager on Sales Approval. The workflow policy object is Quote, the workflow policy group is Low Frequency, the duration is set to 0, and the quantity is set to 5. This means that the workflow policy action occurs as soon as five new quotes meet the criteria of the workflow policy conditions.

Table 28.  Planning Policies
Workflow Object
Workflow Group

Notify Sales Manager on Sales Approval


Low Frequency



Notify the manager when a quote with a discount over 30% is created.

Table 29 illustrates the type of information you need for the policy conditions.

Table 29.  Workflow Policy Conditions
Field (Column Monitored in the Database)

Quote Status


In Progress

Quote Item Discount Percent



Next, define the workflow policy actions that occur when the conditions of the policy are met. You can also define the action arguments, such as the email subject and the message template, using dynamic values. Table 30 lists definitions for the Send Email to Sales Manager action.

Table 30.  Actions and Action Arguments
Action Name
Workflow Object
Arguments and Substitutions

Send Email to Sales Manager

Send Quote Email


Subject: Please approve quote discount for [Account]

Message Template: Please approve the quote discount for quote [Quote Number] and notify [Last User First Name] [Last User Last Name]

Repeating Message: The following quotes also need approval [Quote Number]

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