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Scenario for Planning Workflow Policies: Notification for Large Number of Open Service Requests

In this scenario, the service department wants to automate its notification policy when the number of open requests for an agent reach a critical mass of 20. The tables below show the information needed to define this type of workflow policy.

Table 31 represents the general policy definition.

Table 31.  Determining What to Monitor
What to Monitor?
Purpose of the Policy

Monitor open service requests when they reach a quantity of 20

Send a Message Broadcast to the service representative to alert the representative about the situation.

Next, model the general policy definition in terms of Workflow Policies.

Table 32.  Workflow Policies
Workflow Object
Workflow Group

Over 20 Open Service Requests

Service Request

High Frequency


Table 32 shows the policy name is Over 20 Open Service Requests, workflow policy object is Service Request, workflow policy group is High Frequency, and the quantity is 20.

After you determine the policy's workflow object and other properties, define the workflow conditions for your workflow policy. Table 33 shows the workflow condition definitions.

Table 33.  Workflow Conditions
Field (Column Monitored in the Database)

Service Request Status



Define the workflow policy actions that occur when the conditions of the policy are met. You can also define the action arguments. Table 34 shows the action argument definitions.

Table 34.  Actions and Action Arguments
Action Name
Workflow Object
Arguments and Substitutions

Alert Agent of Open SR

Send SR Message Broadcast

Service Request

Abstract: You have over 20 service requests

Message Template: You have over 20 service requests. Please review your service request queue.

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