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Using the Business Service Simulator

The Business Service Simulator can be used to test specific business services. For SAP scenarios, the Business Service Simulator would normally be used to test your own business services and to test workflows that are invoked by the tRFC BAPI Receiver (this may be IDOC or BAPI as both are started with the tRFC BAPI Receiver).

The Business Service Simulator is executed within the Siebel client by navigating to Administration - Business Service > Simulator. To test your own business services or to find more information on the Business Service Simulator, consult Overview: Siebel eBusiness Application Integration Volume I. The following procedure explains how to execute a workflow that is triggered from the tRFC BAPI receiver upon the receipt of an IDOC or BAPI call from SAP.

To execute triggered workflows

  1. Create a new record in the Service Methods list.
  2. Enter the Service Name EAI SAP BAPI Receiver (tRFC).
  3. Enter the Method Name "ReceiveDispatch".
  4. Select New in the Input Property Set view to create a new record.

    Then select the Property Name field and create a new property name value pair with the name SAPRfcDestEntry and its appropriate value.

    NOTE:  If you are using the Siebel Mobile Client you may also set SAPRfcDestEntry in the client configuration file as described in Modifying Siebel Configuration Files.

  5. In the Siebel application, click Run to start the receiver service.

    The service makes a connection to SAP and waits for input from SAP up to the number of seconds defined in the SAPSleepTime User Property on the EAI SAP BAPI Receiver (tRFC) service definition.

  6. In SAP, trigger the send of an IDOC or BAPI call to the Receiver.

    You must do this within the time period SAPSleepTime (default value for this is 60 seconds).

  7. Verify results of the workflow. This depends upon the action your workflow takes.

NOTE:  When the tRFC BAPI receiver is executed from the Business Service Simulator it tests for input from SAP only for SAPSleepTime seconds. When the receiver is executed in the Siebel Server as the BAPIRcvr component, it continuously recalls itself, and looks each time for input from SAP.

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