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Using the Workflow Simulator

The Workflow Simulator can be used to test workflow execution step-by-step. For information on how to execute the Workflow Simulator, read Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide. Here are some tips for testing SAP interfaces using the workflow simulator:

  • If your workflow begins with the Siebel Adapter, you can set the Object ID field of the Siebel Message with the value of a ROW_ID that corresponds to an object you would like to extract from the Siebel application to begin the test. The ROW_ID of an object can be retrieved from the About Row Help when the row is selected.
  • The XML Read from File and XML Write to File services can be added as intermediate steps between business services in your workflow to write the current Integration Object Instance to an XML file. This can be useful for creating test data and for verifying the content of the object.
  • If you need to execute a workflow that is normally triggered by the tRFC BAPI receiver upon receipt of an IDOC or BAPI call in the workflow simulator, you can:
    • Add the EAI XML Write to File service as your first step in the workflow to write the input from SAP to an XML file.
    • Execute the tRFC BAPI receiver service with the Business Service Simulator as described previously. The first step of the workflow writes the input data to a file.
    • Modify the workflow to start by reading the data from the file. Replace the EAI XML Write to File service with the EAI XML Read from File service.
    • Execute the workflow in the Workflow Simulator.
  • If you are making a BAPI or RFC call from your workflow into SAP and you would like to follow your data from the Siebel application to the ABAP debugger, set ABAP_DEBUG=1 in your TYPE=A Destination definition in the saprfc.ini file. When the BAPI adapter service is executed in your workflow, the SAP Client appears and displays the ABAP debugger at the start of the BAPI or RFC function call. The SAP Client must be installed on the same machine on which you are executing the Siebel Mobile Web Client.

NOTE:  If your workflow contains a call to the BAPI adapter business service, you must remember that you are invoking this business service from the Siebel Client. This requires that connection parameters used for this service, which are normally set as component parameters on the Business Integration Manager will need to be set in the Siebel Client configuration file, if working with the Siebel Mobile Web Client, or as input arguments to the BAPI adapter business service in your workflow.

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