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Creating Logical Systems Within SAP

You must define a logical system within SAP.

To create a logical system

  1. Starting from the SALE transaction, select Sending and Receiving Systems > Logical Systems > Define Logical System.

    An SAP alert box warns you the table is client-independent.

  2. Click the check mark button on the alert box.

    The Change View Logical Systems Overview window opens.

  3. Click the New Entries button and complete the following fields.

    Log. System. Enter the name of a logical system to create.

    Description. Enter the description of the logical system.

  4. Click Save.

    The Enter Change Request window opens.

  5. Click Create Request.
  6. Add a description in the pop-up box field.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click the check mark to continue.
  9. Click the left arrow button until you return to the Distribution ALE view.

NOTE:  Another logical system must also be created and associated with the SAP Client. This may already exist in your implementation. Its name generally includes the client number. If it does not exist you need to create one using the preceding steps and then select Receiving Systems > Logical Systems > Assign Client to Logical System from SALE to assign it to the appropriate SAP Client. This logical system is referred to as the SAP Client Logical System, while the logical system you create to represent the Siebel applications is referred to as the External Logical System.

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