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Creating RFC Destinations

You must create an RFC destination in SAP.

To create an RFC destination

  1. From SALE, select Sending and Receiving Systems > Systems In Network > Define Target Systems for RFC Calls (SAP transaction SM59).
  2. Click the folder icon for the TCP/IP connections RFC Destination to expand it.
  3. Click Create.

    The RFC Destination window opens.

  4. Complete the following fields:

    RFC Destination. Add an RFC destination name (suggestion: use the external system logical system name). If the names match, you can generate Partner Profiles for the logical system. If the names do not match you must manually create Ports and Outbound Parameters in your partner profile.

    Connection Type. "T" for TCP/IP connection.

    Description. Enter a text description.

  5. Click Save.

    The RFC Destination CONNECTION_NAME window opens.

  6. Click Registration.
  7. Type the Program ID for the name of the external program to which you want SAP to connect.

    This is the same Program ID which you entered in the saprfc.ini file under the TYPE=R destination entry. Refer to the SAP Online Help for more information about Program ID.

  8. If your external program is running and successfully registered to the SAP gateway, clicking the Test connection button returns ping times between the R/3 system and your program.

    If your program has not connected successfully to the SAP gateway, then you get an error message.

    NOTE:  The program name is case sensitive, and if not defined correctly, IDOCs may not reach their destination. Also, after these parameters have been set, clicking other buttons may erase the settings. Use caution when in change mode in this window.

  9. Click Save.
  10. Click the check mark button to complete the task.
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