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Manage Activities

NREC requires the ability to manage activities for each opportunity and contact. The standard Activity management functionality meets NREC requirements well, except for the gaps listed in Table 5.

Table 5.  Requirements Summary for the Activities Entity
Cross Reference to Task

Display the opportunity associated with each activity.

Add the opportunity to the Activity List and Form Applets.

Exposing Fields in the User Interface

When entering an activity, allow users to associate an opportunity to an activity.

Create a dynamic pick list that allows users to update the Opportunity field on the Account Form Applet.

Constrain the values in the pick applet so it only shows the opportunities for the account associated with the activity.

Dynamic Pick Lists

Constraining a Pick List

Allow users to navigate from the Opportunity Detail view to one of the following views, depending on the sales stage:

Account Detail - Activities (SCW)

Account Detail - Contacts (SCW)

Configure dynamic drilldown that implements the conditions described in the business requirement.

Creating a Dynamic Drilldown

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