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Assessment of Skills and Achievements for Competency Management

Your Siebel application saves employee information within groups of records. Combined, these records make up an employee profile.

An employee profile includes information that identifies an employee, lists the employee's proficiencies and experience, and provides information on the employee's qualifications, honors, rewards, and past education.

Also included in an employee profile are sets of skills and abilities that are associated with an employee. These sets of abilities, called competencies, are used within Competency Management System to help measure the abilities and achievements of employees. Competencies might be employed in the following ways:

  • Training and Development. Skills and competencies are associated with courses and classes offered through the Siebel Training application. When employees successfully complete a course, their profiles are automatically updated with the skills associated with the course.
  • Career Management. The Career Management feature allows employees to view their job profiles, browse potential career paths, and define their next career step. The skills associated with an employee's profile are compared to the skills associated with jobs in the employee's career path. The Competency Management feature calculates the skills gaps that exist between an employee and other job profiles. The skill gap analysis indicates skill deficiencies and provides employees with indications of which skills they need to acquire. Employees can also review the recommended courses they can enroll to close those gaps.
  • Team Competency Planning. Using Siebel Competency Management, managers can direct the acquisition of competencies and skills within their groups. Managers can analyze their team's current skill set, the required skill set based on the employee's job profile, and can view individual competency profiles of team members. The skill gap analysis of a team's current strengths and weaknesses allows managers to provide training suggestions or define future hiring requirements. Managers can set competency objectives and monitor each employee's progression towards these goals.
  • Performance Management. Competencies can be included in the formal performance management process. Employees can include specific competencies in their performance setting process and managers can review and access these ratings as part of the overall assessment process.
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