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Defining Compensation Eligibility Rules

Employee eligibility for compensation changes can vary from one compensation type to another, as well as from one planning cycle to the next. You can define eligibility rules to determine which employees are eligible for which types of compensation change. Eligibility rules can also be used to control which employees have budgets calculated for them.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Compensation Planning.

To create an eligibility rule

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Navigate > Site Map > Administration - Compensation Planning > Compensation Plan Rules Administration.
  2. From the visibility filter, select Eligibility Rules.
  3. In the Eligibility Rules list of employees, query to find the employees that meet eligibility rule criteria.

    The query's resulting list of employees is the eligibility rule. Eligibility rule information is defined for each employee in the More Info form's Eligibility Rules section.

  4. In the Application-level menu, click Query, and then select Save Query As (ALT + S) to save the eligibility rule.

    In the Save Query As dialog box, enter a name for the eligibility rule and then click OK.

    You can refine the eligibility rule criteria by clicking the menu button and choosing Refine Query.

After an eligibility rule has been saved, you select it from the Planning Cycles and Budgets views.

NOTE:  Eligibility determines the ability to plan compensation changes for specific employees. You can manually override eligibility for specific employees within a compensation plan by accessing the plan through the All Compensation Plans or All Compensation Plans Across Organizations views.

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