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Defining the Compensation Plan Rollout

Siebel Compensation Planning allows organizations to select the management levels within the organizational hierarchy that participate in the compensation planning process. The term plan rollout refers to the determination and control over which managers participate in the planning process. A compensation plan is automatically created for each manager who participates in the planning process. For more information, see Defining Compensation Planning Cycles.

Participation in the compensation planning process is defined using Administration - Group > Positions. First, positions are identified as business unit leaders. Then, the number of levels below the business unit leaders that participate in the planning process is specified.

Figure 9 shows an identified business unit with levels. In this example, if John's position (Level 1) is selected as a business unit leader with one level below, then Mark, Jane, and Chris (Level 2) would also have compensation plans created for them. Employees in Level 3 and Level 4 are automatically rolled up into Level 2 compensation plans during the plan creation process.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Compensation Planning.

Figure 9.  Business Unit with Levels
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To define the compensation plan rollout

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Navigate > Site Map > Administration - Group > Positions.
  2. In the Positions list, query to find the position of the employee you want to designate as a business unit leader.
  3. In the Positions Entry form, enter the number of levels that are participating in the planning process in the Compensation Plan Rollout field.

    Include the business unit leader and each level below the position in the number that you enter.

    The following table describes the values you can use when planning the compensation plan rollout.



    Only this position is able to plan.

    2 through N

    This position and positions N - 1 levels below are able to plan.


    The position inherits plan rollout from parent position.


    This position cannot plan. Positions below with Compensation Plan Rollout = NULL continues to inherit plan rollout from parent position.


    This manager cannot plan. Positions below with Compensation Plan Rollout = NULL cannot plan.

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