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Controlling ERM Page Topics with a Tracking Profile

The tracking profile allows users to control much of the information that appears on the ERM home page. By customizing the tracking profile, end users choose the topics that they want to track. For example, users can select the accounts that they want to receive news about. Only the information related to the selected topics appears on the ERM home page. This allows users to filter out information that is not relevant to their interests and responsibilities.

When users first use Siebel ERM, their tracking profiles do not include the accounts, competitors, industries, or products that the users want to track. Users must set preferences to receive, view, or access the following services:

  • External and internal news and information about tracked accounts and competitors
  • Literature associated with their preferred accounts, products, competitors, and industries
  • Market information about selected stocks in the My Stocks section
  • Account or competitor briefings from the Tracked Account or Tracked Competitor views

The tracking profile allows users to select:

  • Accounts
  • Competitors
  • Industries
  • Products
  • Stocks
  • News Topics
  • Weather

Figure 3 shows the Tracked Accounts list of records. The columns in the list are Account Name, Site, and Web Site.

Users can access their tracking profiles by navigating to the Profile screen, and from the Summary screen, selecting a link from the left navigation bar.

For more information about tracking profiles, see Siebel Briefings Administration Guide.

Figure 3.  Tracked Accounts

Literature from the Siebel Encyclopedia, news, recommended links, and related Web clips appear in the user's ERM home page after the user has subscribed to specific accounts.

The tracking profile controls the following sections of the ERM home page:

  • Account, Competitor and industry News
  • Products
  • Literature
  • Recommended Links
  • Web Clips
  • My News
  • My Stocks
  • Weather
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