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Layout Preferences for ERM Front Page and MyPage

Users can control the layout of the home page and briefing-style pages (Account / Competitor Briefing and Company Briefing).

The Content Selection and Layout view, shown in Figure 4, shows the order of lists and forms, and whether the lists and forms are visible or hidden. This view also allows users to expose lists or forms, reposition them, and to return the page layout to the default setting. The Content Selection and Layout view appears when you click the Edit Layout button located at the top of the ERM Front Page, and myPage.

Figure 4.  Content Selection and Layout View
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Layout preferences are stored as part of the user profile and are independent of the client machine being used. For information about providing layout controls for end users, see Configuring Siebel eBusiness Applications, Siebel Tools Online Help, and Using Siebel Tools.

Bulletins and ERM Home Page

Bulletins are internal company broadcast messages that alert users to important internal events and announcements from your company. Bulletins appear in the News Bulletins section of users' ERM home page. Users see bulletins that are associated with their user name or division, or that are broadcast to the entire organization. Typically, bulletins are generated by a system administrator or designated employees who have privileges to publish bulletins.

For more information about creating bulletins, see Applications Administration Guide.

My Calendar

The My Calendar form appears on the home page and provides users with a calendar in daily, weekly, or monthly format. Users can view and maintain appointments, as well as view and maintain the calendars of team members who have granted access to their calendar.

Web Search

The Web Search form allows users to search the Internet. Users enter the search terms in the Web Search form on the home page, and the results appear in a new browser window.

Company Search

Users can search the Siebel eContent Services database for information on specific companies using the Company Search form.

ERM Recommended Links

Recommended links are hyperlinks that appear in ERM pages. Administrators define and publish recommended links using the Literature Administration views in the Siebel application. Recommended links are stored in the Siebel Encyclopedia.

When you publish recommended links, you target a specific audience by associating recommended links with accounts, competitors, industries, and products. The recommended link is distributed to users who have subscribed to these topics in their tracking profile. You control the release and expiration date using the Portal Administration > Literature view.

For information on publishing recommended links, see Applications Administration Guide.

ERM Web Clips

Web clips are static Web pages that appear in ERM. Marketing administrators define and publish Web clips using the Marketing Administration views in the Siebel application. Web clips are stored in the Siebel Encyclopedia as a specialized type of recommended link. For more information, see Applications Administration Guide.

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