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Ratings Distribution and Plan Approvals

When the upper-level manager navigates to the Compensation Planning screen, the manager sees a list of compensation plans that have been submitted by direct reports, as well as the upper-level manger's own plan. The Budget view shows the budgeted amount, the planned compensation and the variance for each compensation component (Merit, Promotion, Variable Pay and Stock) within the selected compensation plan.

From the Compensation Plans list, the Approve, Decline and Submit buttons are active, according to the state model. If the next step is to submit a compensation plan to the next level of management for approval, the Submit button is active, and the Approve and Decline buttons are inactive. If the next step is to approve or decline a compensation budget submitted by a reporting manager, Approve and Decline buttons are active, and the Submit button is inactive.

The supervisory manager clicks the Performance view tab to check the ratings curve fit for the submitting manager's direct reports. If a normal ratings distribution is in place, the distribution of compensation falls within the budgeted amount of compensation, and compensation plan can be approved. After a compensation plan is approved, it is no longer editable.

If the curve fit is out of line with the organizations ratings distribution curve, the upper-level manager can take the following actions:

Decline the compensation plan. Ownership reverts to the submitting manager who adjusts the ratings for his or her direct reports, and then resubmits the revised compensation plan to the approving manager.

Modify the ratings to fit the curve. Because the upper-level manager owns the compensation plan submitted by a subordinate manager, the upper-level manager can opt to adjust the ratings for the first-level manager's team, as necessary, using the rollup functionality.

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