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Adjusting a Detail Depth Forecast

In a detail depth forecast, each revenue line item in the Details view is rolled up through the reporting hierarchy. As a result, senior management has access to every forecast detail revenue item for its review. In this scenario, users should make sure that every adjustment is made in the Details view. After adjusting the details, end users must click Rollup to recalculate the modified forecast. To see forecast details by periodic summary, end users can view the forecast from the Summary view tab.

Once a manager adjusts a subordinate's detail record, the Siebel application maintains an adjustment history. Levels of management above can view the adjustment history, however, the subordinate, whose forecast record was adjusted cannot view the adjustment.

NOTE:  If end users are unclear about the forecast type their company uses, they should see their Siebel administrator or a member of their sales operations team.

To adjust a detail depth forecast

  1. Navigate to the Forecasts screen.
  2. In the Forecasts list, drill down on the forecast you want to adjust.
  3. In the Details view, select the revenue line item detail you want to adjust.
  4. Adjust the revenue, quantity, price, or other value as appropriate.

    Repeat Step 3 through Step 4 for each line item you want to adjust.

  5. Click the menu button, and then click Rollup Forecast to recalculate the forecast.

    The adjusted forecast amount is posted by period to the summary list in the Summary view.

  6. (Optional) Click the Summary view tab to view the summary list by period.

    NOTE:  Any adjustments to the summary records are not rolled up in a detail depth forecast. Managers can view the summary record adjustments by drilling into their subordinates' forecasts.

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