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Adjusting a Summary Depth Forecast

In a summary depth forecast, each record in the Summary view is rolled up to your direct manager. As a result, a manager can see his own detailed line item records and the summary records of his direct subordinates from his forecast Details view. Users can adjust detail records and click Rollup to calculate the modified forecast. They can then further adjust those records from the Summary view.

A manager can make an additional adjustment to a subordinate's forecast from the Subordinates view in the Forecasts screen. In this view, a manager can see the total forecast revenue amount for his direct subordinates. A manager can also make a broad percentage adjustment. This percentage adjustment is calculated into the rollup for each subordinate when the Rollup button is clicked. For more information, see Adjusting a Subordinate's Forecast.

NOTE:  A subordinate's forecast cannot be adjusted from the Subordinates view in a detail type forecast.

To adjust a summary depth forecast

  1. Navigate to the Forecasts screen.
  2. In the Forecasts list, drill down on the forecast you want to adjust.
  3. Click the Summary tab and then select the summary record you want to adjust.
  4. Adjust the revenue, best case, worst case, or other value you want to modify.

    Repeat Step 3 through Step 4 for each line item you want to adjust.

    Adjustments to summary records immediately update the totals for the Forecast record.

NOTE:  Any adjustments made to summary records will overwrite the sum of the adjustments made to the detail records.

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