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Performing a Custom Installation Under UNIX

Perform the following procedure if you are installing Siebel eBusiness Applications on the UNIX operating system.

To perform a custom installation under UNIX

  1. Follow the steps previously documented for performing a standard installation on the UNIX operating system. Continue until you reach Step 15, and enter 2 for Customized Install.
  2. Enter the number that corresponds to the mechanism you want to use for installation:
    • 1 - Generate DDL Into Files. Generates DDL required to create the Siebel Schema. Proceed to Step 3.

      NOTE:  The DDL is not executed at this time; it is simply generated to a file. A message indicates that DDL is being executed; this message refers to execution of the generation of DDL statements and the process of writing the statements to a file.

      You must later use Siebel-provided scripts, your own FTP, or a similar file transfer program to transport the DDL (schema.sql and ddlview.sql) to the DB2 host, where the DBA executes it, using customary methods, for example, SPUFI or DSNTEP2.

    • 2 - Run DDL automatically. Select this to apply the DDL and DML required to create the Siebel Schema directly against the database. The Siebel application uses ODBC to apply the required DDL to the DB2 host. Proceed to Step 4.
  3. Enter the path to the output directory for the DDL files you will transfer to your zSeries machine, or accept the default directory:


    NOTE:  If you plan to use a different output directory to hold the DDL than the Siebel default, you must create it before selecting this option.

  4. Enter the name of the customized storage control file that you created and saved earlier; this file will be used to configure storage on DB2, including the full path to its location.

    This can be either a Siebel-provided template or a storage control file that you have already customized using any of the methods in Preparing the Database Layout.

  5. Review the list of the parameters you input. If they are correct, enter Y to generate the Siebel Schema.

    If Run DDL automatically is chosen, the Siebel Schema is applied directly to DB2. If Generate DDL into Files is chosen, the schema.sql and ddlview.sql files are created.

Implementing Siebel eBusiness Applications on DB2 UDB for z/OS and OS/390