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Creating Marketing Seed Data

After you install the Marketing application, there are some optional seed data that can be created to support various business processes. This section contains the following topics:

Creating Marketing Regions

Marketing regions provide a way to organize the marketing plans and tactics in your organization. Additionally, regions allow you to generate more detailed Marketing reports and rollups in Siebel Analytics.

You can define marketing regions according to any set of parent child relationships that you require. Although there is no limit to the number of layers you can create in your hierarchy, marketing analytics only supports a hierarchy that is a maximum of 10 layers deep.You can implement a marketing region hierarchy by making one region the child of another region. The following example shows a simple regional hierarchy:


North America


Latin America

Asia Pacific

To create marketing regions

  1. From the Site Map, choose Administration - Location > Regions.
  2. In the Regions list, create a new record.
  3. Type the Region name and description.
  4. Be sure to set the Type as Marketing Region.
  5. If this region is a child of another region, select the Parent Region in the Parent Region field.
  6. Save the record.
  7. Repeat Step 2 through Step 6 for each region in the hierarchy.

Creating Marketing Activity Templates

Activity Templates provide a convenient way for users to quickly assign a set of milestones and activities to a program or campaign. For instructions about how to create activity templates, see Applications Administration Guide. For instructions about updating Activity Templates from prior releases, see the activity plan topic in the Upgrade Guide for the operating system you are using.

NOTE:  When you create Marketing activity templates, be sure to set the type of the template to the name of the main marketing business components, for example Program Container and Campaign.

Creating and Using Marketing Activity Plans

Activity Plans allow marketing users to associate preconfigured planning and milestone activities and tasks with a template (activity plan). Users can assign the templates to marketing programs and campaigns. This creates one or more activities that are associated with a campaign or a program.

NOTE:  Activities are not created for contacts that are loaded into a campaign.

Activity Plans may be designed to help you plan the marketing program or campaign or execute it. Before you link an activity plan to your campaign, you need to create activity templates or customize existing templates to reflect your business process and needs. Templates allow you to define a generic set of activities that may be reused.

For example, a marketing department production manager might design an activity plan template called Direct Mail that contains regularly scheduled campaign planning activities (meetings with creative or budgetary staff) and start tasks (such as generating an export list according to segmentation criteria). Using the Campaign Activity Plans view the manager can associate the activity plan template to the current campaign and then assign resources, define priorities and status and so on to each predefined task, adding comments where necessary.

If your marketing program or campaign has a combination of planning and start activities, you can create two activity plans, one for planning and one for execution tasks, and assign them both to the program or campaign.

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