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About Marketing Responsibilities and Access Groups

This section contains the following topics:

About Marketing Responsibilities

Siebel eBusiness applications provide a set of Marketing Responsibilities that contain the full set of active views. These responsibilities are divided into core Responsibilities and add-on Responsibilities.

  • Core responsibilities. Base user responsibilities that serve as a starting point for any Marketing user. Typically, a user has only one core Marketing responsibility from this list.The following is a list of core Responsibilities:
    • Campaign Agent
    • Campaign Administrator
    • Marketing Planning Manager
    • Events Manager
    • Marketing Executive
  • Add-on responsibilities. Support additional modules that certain users may need depending on their job description. These responsibilities are intended to be added to a core responsibility. They do not include common screens such as Accounts and Contacts because a core responsibility provides these screens. Because these are added to core responsibilities, you can assign a user multiple add-on responsibilities.

    The following is a list of add-on Responsibilities:

    • Web Marketing User
    • Segmentation User
    • Marketing Program Manager
    • Marketing Admin
    • Marketing Analytics User

TIP:   If you create custom views, you might want to create new add-on responsibilities for these views, instead of adding these views to the standard responsibilities provided by Siebel Systems. During future upgrades, this helps you identify custom views that you created.

Modifying Privileges for Marketing Access Groups

Siebel Marketing restricts the use of some buttons in the user interface (and their underlying methods) to those users assigned to Marketing access groups. This makes sure that unauthorized users cannot perform functions that they are not trained to perform. Marketing Access Groups can be used to restrict use of any button or menu item on any applet.

Siebel Marketing provides the following preconfigured access groups:

  • Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Administrators

To modify the Marketing access privileges for an applet

  1. Login to Siebel Tools.
  2. In the Object Explorer, select Applets.
  3. Select the applet, such as Campaign Execution Status List Applet, for which you want to modify access.
  4. In the Applet User Properties, in the Marketing Access Group user property, add or delete access groups. Use the following syntax for each user property entry:

    Marketing Access Group <n>

    "<method name>", "<access group 1>", "access group 2>", and so on

    NOTE:  N is an integer 0,1,2, and so on, for each method you want to restrict.

    For example, the Campaign Execution Status List Applet has the following user properties in the standard repository:


    Marketing Access Group 0

    "PromptPurgeLoad" , "Marketing Administrators"

    Marketing Access Group 1

    "PromptSuspendWave" , "Marketing Administrators" , "Marketing Managers"

    Marketing Access Group 2

    "PromptLaunchWave" , "Marketing Administrators" , "Marketing Managers"

  5. To add or remove an access group for a specific method, add or remove the access group name from the comma separated list in the user properties.

If required, you can create additional access groups for your organization.

To create a new marketing access group

  1. From the site map, choose Administration - Groups > Access Groups.
  2. In the Access Groups list, click New.
  3. In the new record, type an Access Group name and, from the Type drop-down list, select Access Group.
  4. Review all the applets in the application for which you want to enable or disable a button, menu item, or other control that invokes a method.
  5. For each applet, modify the applet user properties to reference the new access group.

Assigning Marketing Users to Access Groups

You need to perform this setup task to make sure your Marketing users have access to the appropriate functionality. You assign the users to access groups based on the position of each user. For more information about access groups, see Security Guide for Siebel eBusiness Applications.

To assign Marketing users to access groups

  1. From the Site Map, choose Administration - Group > Access Groups.
  2. In the Access Groups list, in the Name field, query for Marketing*.

    NOTE:  At least two access groups (Marketing Administrators and Marketing Managers) appear.

  3. In the Access Groups list, select Marketing Administrators.
  4. In the Party list, add the positions for your administrators.

    For example, Siebel Administrator and Marketing Administrator positions.

  5. In the Access Groups list, select Marketing Managers.
  6. In the Party list, add the positions for your marketing managers.

    For example, Marketing Analysts, Program Managers, and so on.

    NOTE:  You need to add positions as access group members, not User List or Organization.

  7. Restart the client for this change to be effective.
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