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Specifies the method invoked when a toolbar icon associated with this command is executed. It also defines which bitmap appears on the toolbar icon. Command object definitions are referenced by Toolbar Item or Menu Item object definitions.

Valid Values/Examples

Bitmap (R)(H)

Not used.

Not applicable.

Business Service (O)

Specifies the service (either browser or server, depending on the target property) that handles the invoke method.


Category (R)

The category name (for the customize dialog).


Category Display Name (O)

Not used.

Not applicable.

Display Name (O)

Name of the command. Used as display name for a menu if menu does not have one.


Dynamic Tooltip (O)

A TRUE or FALSE value indicating whether the tooltip is dynamic or static.

Reserved for future use.

TRUE = A call is made to the underlying object for such an application, applet, or service to retrieve the dynamic tooltip text.

Force Enable (O)

Indicates whether the menu item or toolbar item associated with this Command object is always enabled.

Reserved for future use.


HTML Bitmap (O)

Used to set the name of the bitmap to be rendered when the control is in an enabled state. For example, the method can be invoked.


HTML Disabled Bitmap (O)

Used to set the name of the bitmap to be rendered when the control is in a disabled state.


HTML Popup Dimension (O)

Dimensions, in pixels, of the pop-up window, when Show Popup is TRUE.

Example: 640x480.

Specified with the "x" and without blank spaces.

Method (R)

Specifies the name of the method to invoke when the menu item or toolbar icon is selected. This may be a preexisting standard method that is shipped with the product, or a developer-defined method in Siebel VB or Siebel eScript.


Method Argument (O)

Provides the means to pass an argument to the invoke method specified in the Method property.

For example, a command item that opens a new window and navigates to a URL in that window can specify the GotoURL method in Method and the URL to navigate to in Method Argument.


Name (R)

The name of the command object definition. This is the name of the toolbar icon as it appears in the Commands list on the Commands tab of the Customize dialog box in Siebel applications.


Show Popup (O)

A TRUE or FALSE value.

TRUE = Specifies that a new browser window is opened before invoking the method.

FALSE = Specifies that the method is invoked in the current browser window.

Status Text (O)

Not used.

Not applicable.

Target (O)

The name of the target.

If your target is Active Applet, your item is visible in all clients.

If your target is Service, your command appears only in clients implementing that particular service. Your service must handle CanInvokeMethod and InvokeMethod to enable or invoke your command.

Valid values are Active Applet and Service.

Do not use Application as a value. It is for Siebel Systems use only.


Tooltip Text (O)

The tooltip text that appears when the pointer lingers on a toolbar icon.

Reserved for future use.


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