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Editing Order Line Items (End User)

Employee end users can edit the configuration of customizable products in pending orders by use the procedure below. A customer asset does not need not be associated with the order.

If the order an end user is changing is a modification to a customer asset, all open orders are applied to the asset before it is displayed in the Configurator selection pages.

To edit order line Items

  1. Navigate to the Accounts screen, and in the Account list, drill down on the account name hyperlink.

    The Customer Portal view appears.

  2. In the Orders list, drill down on the desired Order #.

    The Sales Order form and Line Items list appear, displaying details of the order.

  3. In the Line Items list, select the line item you want to modify.
  4. In the order's Status field, make sure the status is Open or Pending.

    If the status is Complete, the order has been fulfilled. If the customer wants to make a change to a completed order, you must create a new order or revise an existing order. To create a new order, which you must do when modifying an installed customer asset, see Modifying the Service Profile (End User). To revise an existing order, see Revising a Submitted Order (End User).

  5. Select the line item that you want to edit and change the values of the fields directly in the line item.

    The action code of the line item will is changed Update. For more information about action codes, see Business Service Methods Reference.

  6. To change the configuration of an item, select the line item you want to edit and click Customize.

    A Configurator session launches and displays selection pages.

  7. Modify the configuration of the product or service as needed, and click Done.

    The revised configuration appears in the Line Items list. The Revision field displays the version of the order, which is incremented when the order is revised to create a supplemental order.

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