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Creating a Quote That Modifies a Service Asset (End User)

Employee end users can use the procedure below to create a quote that is based on an asset. For example, a customer has five phone lines installed as part of a small business service product. The customer calls and wants to add additional phone lines. You would use the existing service item as the basis for a new quote that adds additional phone lines.

NOTE:  When you use this procedure, the account type determines whether a quote or order is created. If the account type is Residential, quotes are not created and all modifications of the service profile create an order directly. For all other account types, a quote is created.

To modify an installed asset

  1. Navigate to the Accounts screen, and in the Account list, drill down on the account name hyperlink.

    The Customer Portal view appears.

  2. In the Service Items list, select the service item you want to modify.
  3. Click Modify.

    Siebel Configurator displays the current configuration of the item, adjusted for any open orders.

  4. In the Configurator selection pages, modify the configuration by adding or deleting items or by changing item attribute values.
  5. When you are finished modifying the configuration, click Done in the selection pages.

    The Quote form appears and the changes you made are shown in the Line Items list.

  6. In the Line Items list, verify that items display correctly and have the correct action codes.

    The configuration displayed in the quote is a composite of the asset as it is currently installed and adjustments to the asset requested in open orders.

  7. Click Profile to return to the Customer Portal view.
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