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Editing Quote Line Items (End User)

End users may need to edit line items when creating a new quote, or when returning to an existing quote.

Use the procedure below to do one of the following:

  • Edit line item details for a simple product, for example if you want to change the attributes.
  • Configure or reconfigure a customizable product in a quote an end user is creating in the Quotes screen. If a customer asset exists, Configurator selection pages display the asset adjusted for any open or pending orders.
  • Edit the configuration of a customizable product in a quote created by modifying an asset or disconnecting an installed asset.

To edit quote line items

  1. Navigate to the Accounts screen, and in the Account list, drill down on the account name hyperlink.

    The Customer Portal view appears.

  2. In the Quotes list, click on the desired Quote Number.

    The Quote form appears, displaying details of the quote.

  3. In the Line Items list, select the line item that you want to edit and change the values of the fields directly in the line item.

    The action code of the line item will be changed to Update. See Business Service Methods Reference for more information about action codes.

    To retain manual discounts, click the Keep Discount check box in the Line Item Detail form.

  4. To customize an item, select a customizable product in the Line Items list.

    The Customize button becomes active.

  5. Click Customize.

    A Configurator session launches and displays selection pages, which the current configuration of the customer asset adjusted for any open orders.

  6. Modify the configuration of the customizable product or service as needed and click Done.

    The revised configuration displays in Line Items.

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