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Scenario for Customer Order Management

This scenario provides an example of a process performed by customers of a telecommunications company. Your customers may follow a different process according to your company's business process.

This scenario describes how customers can:

Create a Quote and Convert it into an Order

A telecom analyst for a small corporation wants to establish ten local telephone lines for a new office his company has opened. He accesses the GCI Telecom Web site and enters his username and password to see his company's account information. He creates a new location and enters details for the new service account for the company's new office.

Then he launches Siebel Advisor and finds that GCI's Small Business Enabler bundle is the most cost-effective solution for this customer.

He customizes this product using Configurator to configure the GCI Small Business Enabler bundle of products.

The GCI Small Business Enabler bundle offers five to twenty local telephone lines for $5.99 per month per line, with voice mail and call waiting, and one additional optional feature included in the base price. The GCI Small Business Enabler bundle itself costs $25 per month and includes consolidated billing.

In Configurator, the customer enters 10 as the quantity and selects caller ID as the optional feature. He sets up all 10 lines with the same features and clicks Done.

In the shopping cart, he clicks the Checkout button and creates a new sales order.

For more information, see Saving a Shopping Cart as a Quote or Quote Template (End User) and Converting a Quote to an Order (End User).

Place a Supplemental Order

A residential customer receives an email from a GCI marketing campaign, which explains the advantages of GCI's local phone service and suggests that the customer switch from her current phone company to GCI's Oregon Local Breakthrough Package. She clicks on the URL provided in the email.

At the Web site, she sees that this package includes a local telephone line, caller Id, and call forwarding. She decides to place the order, selects the package, and configures the service.

She decides to forward calls to her office number after six rings. She also decides to add voice mail service to the base package for an additional $6.95 per month. She clicks Checkout, enters new account and payment information, and confirms the order.

The Siebel application sends the order request to GCI's provisioning system and sends the customer a confirmation email, which summarizes the purchased service. Twenty minutes later, the customer reads the email and decides that $6.95 per month is too much for voice mail service, so she clicks the link in the email to access the GCI Web site.

At the Web site, she views her order. All the order line items are still open, so she can click the Revise button to create a supplemental order.

The Siebel application marks the original order as inactive and copies it to a new active order with a status of Pending and a revision number of 2. The customer selects the GCI Oregon Local Breakthrough Package, and clicks the Customize button. In the configuration view, she deletes the voice mail feature.

She also decides to change the call forwarding number (which she provided earlier) to her cell phone number, so she selects the forwarding number attribute of the call forwarding service and changes it. Then, she saves the new configuration to the supplemental order and submits the order. She receives a message indicating that her order is confirmed.

For more information, see Revising an Order (End User).

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