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Customer Service Profile for Order Management

The customer's service profile is a record of all the active assets for that customer. An asset is a product or service currently provided to a customer that has been marked as a trackable asset in the product record, in the Product Administration screen. Assets are sometimes referred to as installed assets and are listed in the Installed Assets and Billing Items views.

When you have the asset-based ordering turned on in Siebel Customer Order Management, employee end users have access to three views on the Accounts screen that display a customer's service profile:

  • Customer Portal
  • Billing Items
  • Installed Assets

These views can serve as a starting point for configuring changes to the goods and services already provided to a customer. Quotes, orders, and changes to the customer's assets can all be started and updated from these views. The Customer Portal view shows the service profile, and also shows all products and services quoted, ordered, and delivered to or provisioned for that customer.

Having a central point for the customer's service profile is important for a number of reasons.

  • You can see the current asset information and launch quotes and orders from the same screen.
  • When these views are used in conjunction with the automated Order Management Workflows, the amount of time to create quotes, orders, and asset records is reduced because many tasks are automated.
  • The service profile information is available through both the employee end-user and customer applications, so both company employees and customers can see and request changes to the current information.

    Employee end users can see details about an account's service profile in the Customer Portal view and in the Billing Item and Installed Assets views. Customer end users can see it on their My Accounts page.

NOTE:  Although there is an Accounts view labeled Service Profile, it does not display the customer's service profile as that term is used in Order Management. Although the Service Profile view can be used to list assets, it is used primarily in Field Service. Your customer's service profile for use in order management is most easily accessed through the Customer Portal view in the Accounts screen.

Figure 1 is an example of the Customer Portal View.

Figure 1.  Customer Portal View
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  • The Customer Portal view allows users to see most relevant information for the account, including account details, service items, billing items, quotes, orders, and trouble tickets.
  • In the Service Items list, users can drill down into each item for additional detail about the assets.
  • In both the Billing Items and Service Items lists, users can start the quote order process for a new item or service, start the process to modify, suspend, or resume an existing asset, or start the process to disconnect an asset.
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