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About Multiple Price Types and Multiple Totals

In service-related industries such as energy and telecommunications, a service product may be made up of subcomponents that have different price types and different units of measure.

Multiple Price Types

Multiple price types can include the following:

  • One-time. A one-time charge for installation or network connection, such as telephone or electrical service.
  • Recurring. Periodic charges for continuing service such as a monthly fee for phone service.
  • Usage. Usage-based charges for use of a service over and above the periodic fees; for example, charges for long distance phone calls.

When a product has multiple price types, quotes and orders must also have multiple price totals, one for charges of each price type and unit of measure. This is important because these different types of prices cannot be added up as one total, since they are in different units of measure (each and per month, respectively).

In the Multiple Price Type module, the initial settings provide nonrecurring and per month subtotals and totals on quotes and orders. If your organization needs additional totals such as per week or every six months, you can customize the quote and order forms to provide for them. Additional configuration details of MPT are provided in later chapters of this guide.

Multiple Units of Measure

Multiple units of measure allow prices that are measured differently, such as price per each, price per month, or price per year.

The available units of measure (UoM) for a particular line item are constrained by the price type. For example, when the price type is recurring, the available units of measure will be limited to per month, per year, and per quarter.

If you need additional values in the UoM lists, you can add them through Application Administration, by modifying the UoM list of values.

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