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Multiple Price Types and Totals in Opportunities

Multiple price types and multiple totals also affect opportunities. When an end user updates an opportunity from a quote that contains multiple price types, revenue is computed and displayed appropriately. Items that have recurring price types appear as separate line items, each listed with the date when the revenue will be received. For example, monthly phone charges for a twelve-month period will appear as twelve separate line items, one per month over the course of a year. Items with one-time price types will be listed on the date of installation or activation.

The number of occurrences that are created in the Revenue view of the Opportunity screen is controlled by the number of Revenue Occurrences set for the product in the Product Administration screen. The number of occurrences can be overridden in the quote line item. For example, if you select 12 and the charge is Per Month then you will have 12 revenue occurrences one year out.

For more information about changes to opportunities, see Effects of Order Management on Other Siebel Applications.

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