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Disconnecting an Order (Standard Partner Commerce)

This feature allows a user to disconnect a complete service item and all of its components. This action disconnects the parent product and all child products on lower levels of the hierarchy.

You cannot disconnect a child product by itself.

NOTE:  In Standard Partner Commerce, orders and services are the same thing. When you select Service Items under the Products & Services tab, you are accessing screens to work with existing orders.

This procedure uses the workflow CUT eSales - Disconnect Products and Service Process, which is described in Workflow to Disconnect Products and Services

To disconnect an order

  1. In the My Account screen, in the Products & Services list, click Service Items.
  2. In the Select Account list, select the account.
  3. In the Service Items list, select the item to be disconnected.
  4. Click Disconnect.

    You are taken to the Shopping Cart, where you see the product and all of its components with the Action code of Delete.

  5. Click Check Out.
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