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Scenario for Partner Order Management

This scenario describes how a partner organization could establish a partnership with a brand owner organization and complete sales channel. This is only an example. Depending upon your organization's business requirements and your partnership program, you and your partners may apply different processes.

The Brandowner Recruits Partners

The channel manager for TeleMedia Inc. Wireless has developed a partnership campaign to use channel partners to resell TeleMedia mobile phone packages.

Prospective partners receive a campaign email that directs them to the TeleMedia Partner Portal, where they can view information about available TeleMedia Inc. partner programs and apply to become partners.

The TeleMedia channel manager reviews and approves these applications. When an organization is approved, it is given full access to the Partner Portal. It is assigned accounts and responsibilities and its employees are assigned the appropriate user type, power users or standard users.

Partners Order Through the Partner Portal

After being approved as a TeleMedia partner, the electronics department manager for ComTel Networks can expand his stores selection by offering TeleMedia products. The partner store manager logs into the TeleMedia Partner Portal. On the home page, there is a Partner Alert about a promotional campaign for the TeleMedia mobile package which includes partner re-sell incentives.

He decides to upgrade the existing store inventory of mobile phones and promote the mobile package through the newer mobile models along with clearance of older mobile models.

The partner store manager browses the TeleMedia Product Catalog and decides to use the Advisor to find the best deals TeleMedia is offering its partners. After being directed to a mobile package promotion by Advisor, the partner store manager adds the suggested products to the shopping cart, and completes the ordering process.

Partners Create and Modify Customer Orders

The mobile package promotion allows ComTel Networks to sell a substantial number of TeleMedia products.

One of the mobile packages offered by TeleMedia is a family package that provides primary phone service with 1500 plan minutes with the option to add multiple mobile phones managed under one service account. Each additional mobile phone receives individual service options at discount rates and shares the primary service minutes.

A ComTel Networks customer purchases a family 1500 plan for his wife and daughter. The next morning, this customer calls and requests to add two new mobile products and services to his account.

This call is handled by a partner employee who is a Power Commerce user. The employee finds the customer's account and all the products and services currently requested by this customer.

The employee orders two more phone products with the service options the customer requested. In the Orders list, the employee selects the open order. The Sales Order form and Line Items list appear. The employee revises the order to add the two additional phone products and with the customizable service options.

The product Configurator appears showing all of the installed products for that customer and the expected state of the customer service profile after the open order is provisioned. The employee customizes the phone packages and submits the order.

The employee has essentially created a supplemental order, which is an order that revises an existing open order. When you submit the revised order it submits an entirely new order and not the difference between your revised order and your previous order. For more details, see Revising a Submitted Order (End User).

Several weeks later, after the service is provisioned, this customer wants to change the service options for one family member in the plan.

A partner employee uses the TeleMedia Partner Portal to look up the customer's account and sees the three mobile phones and service plan options purchased by this customer's account. The employee uses Configurator to change the service options for one phone, and then submits the order.

This employee has modified an order that has already been fulfilled. For more details, Revising an Order (Standard Partner Commerce).

NOTE:  This ordering process would be different if the employee were a Standard Partner Commerce user. The employee would work with eCatalog and the Shopping Cart. For more information, see Order Management with Standard Partner Commerce.

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