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Analyzing New Functionality

Analyze the new Siebel product to identify functionality that satisfies your business requirements or replaces functionality in the prior release.

Here are a few examples of new features available in Siebel 7:

  • Infrastructure changes
    • Unicode support
    • Updated platform support
  • Functional enhancements
    • Vertical scrollbars
    • Association applets are refined
    • Right-click
    • Bookmarks for Siebel records and links
    • Customer dashboard enhancements
  • Product enhancements
    • Siebel Remote. Auto-sync, local access control through responsibility
    • Assignment Manager. Rule groups, rule sequences
    • Siebel Analytics. Improved upgrade, scalability, and data visibility

NOTE:  Consider that an upgrade requires a significant one-time administrative effort to set up the product catalog and categories, and to set up access control.

Planning an Upgrade to Siebel 7