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Estimating the Level of Effort to Upgrade

Estimating the effort to upgrade will help you to plan resources, time, and cost. To estimate the effort for your upgrade, analyze the results of the assessments described in the previous sections:

If you are upgrading from Release 5.x or Release 6.x and you want Siebel Global Services to perform these assessments for you, consider enrolling in the Siebel 7 Upgrade Requirements and Planning Workshop.

Siebel 7 Upgrade Requirements and Planning Workshop

In the Upgrade Requirements and Planning Workshop, a Siebel Global Services professional analyzes your current environment with respect to Siebel 7 architecture, and identifies business processes, integrations, and customizations that require attention during the upgrade.

This workshop produces a roadmap, a level-of-effort estimate for your upgrade project, and a high-level project plan that includes future infrastructure, deployment, and training requirements. For more information about Siebel Upgrade and Migration Services, contact Siebel Global Services.

Planning an Upgrade to Siebel 7