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Other Areas that May Require Special Attention

The following areas may need special attention when migrating to Siebel 7.x applications:

  • SmartScripts may need to be handled differently in some languages
  • Custom methods in applet scripts on buttons
  • Complex Position/Division/Organization hierarchy
  • Configurator models
  • Contact proxy logins
  • Open Orders/Quotes
  • Customized handheld applications
  • Customized wireless applications
  • PRM or eChannel will require additional pre-merge steps
  • Custom EIM mappings
  • Complex Organization/Partner structure in eChannel
  • Personalization rules connected to the Employee business component
  • Workflow process with error conditions and desktop interaction
  • Data model changes, such as extension tables on S_CONTACT or S_ORG_EXT
  • Extension columns on S_EMPLOYEE
Planning an Upgrade to Siebel 7