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Setting Group-Level Synchronization

In addition to the ability to set synchronization level by individual user, you can set synchronization level for a group of users. A group is any Organization, Position, or User List defined in the Siebel application.

Group synchronization is a mechanism for setting the user synchronization level for multiple users. After you set synchronization values for the group, SSSE propagates the values to the members of the group, thereby setting the individual user's synchronization values.

NOTE:  Make sure that the user's synchronization is enabled or that user cannot synchronize, regardless of the group synchronization level that is set. For more information about enabling synchronization, see Enabling or Disabling User Synchronization.

CAUTION:  SSSE applies group-level synchronization settings only to members of the selected group who do not have Administrator Override selected in the User Level Access Control list. For more information about the User Level Access Control list, see Setting User-Level Synchronization.

To set group-level synchronization

  1. From the Siebel application menu, choose Navigate > Site Map > Administration - PIM Server Integration > Sync Access Control > Group Access Control.
  2. In the User Group Access Control list, click New, and then fill in the fields as shown in the following table.

    Party Name

    Select the name of a party.

    Party Type Code

    Automatically set to the correct value.

    Siebel Domain Name

    Select Siebel Business Contact, Siebel Employee, Siebel Personal Contact, or Siebel To Do.

    Admin Sync Level

    Select Full Sync, Export Only, or None. This sets the Admin Sync Level for each user in the group.

    Allow MVG Creation

    Select the check box (On).

    Allow User Customization

    Leave check box cleared. User customization of the synchronization level is not supported in this release of SSSE.


    Is automatically set to Pending, which means that the changes are pending propagation to the users in the group.

  3. Click the Propagate Changes button.

    The group settings are propagated to each user that is a member of the group. This overwrites any user settings that might already exist, provided that Administrator Override is not selected for those users. The Status field is cleared, indicating that the changes were successfully propagated.

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