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Setting User-Level Synchronization

User-level synchronization allows you to set the synchronization level separately for each of a user's Siebel domains except Calendar (Business Contact, Personal Contact, Employee, or To Do). You can also use user-level synchronization to give a particular user a different synchronization level from other users.

You cannot set user-level synchronization higher than domain-level synchronization. For example, the user cannot have Full Sync privileges if the overall domain is limited to Export Only. If the domain-level synchronization is set to None, then no users or groups are able to synchronize on that domain.

No user-level synchronization control is available for the Calendar domain. The administrator sets Calendar synchronization at the domain level.

NOTE:  In addition to setting each user's synchronization level, you must enable each user's synchronization or SSSE cannot synchronize records for that user. For more information about enabling synchronization, see Enabling or Disabling User Synchronization.

To set user-level synchronization

  1. From the Siebel application menu, choose Navigate > Site Map > Administration - PIM Server Integration > Sync Access Control > User Level Access Control.
  2. In the User Level Access Control list, select a record for a particular user.
  3. In the User-Level Access Control list (lower list), click New, and then fill in the fields as shown in the following table.

    Siebel Domain Name

    Select Siebel Business Contact, Siebel Employee, Siebel Personal Contact, or Siebel To Do.

    Administrator Override

    When selected, user-level synchronization is preserved and used for the selected user, even if that user belongs to a group for which an administrator has set a different group synchronization level. Selected by default. It is recommended that you leave this setting as is. For more information about group synchronization levels, see Setting Group-Level Synchronization.

    Admin Sync Level

    Select Full Sync, Export Only, or None. This sets the maximum synchronization level that can be set for this user and domain.

    Allow User Customization

    Leave check box cleared. User customization of the synchronization level is not supported in this release of SSSE.

    Allow MVG Creation

    Select the check box (On).

    Visibility Type

    Determines whether the data that the user can synchronize is limited to records visible in specified views. The available values for each domain are as follows:

    • Business Contact Domain. Available Visibility values are All, Sales Rep, or no value (empty). Default value is Sales Rep.
    • Employee Domain. Available Visibility values are All or no value (empty). Default value is All.
    • Personal Contact Domain. Available Visibility values are Personal or no value (empty). Default value is Personal.
    • Tasks Domain. Available Visibility values are Personal or no value (empty). Default value is Personal.

    For information about the meanings of these Visibility values, see Table 32.

  4. Repeat Step 3 for each additional domain where you want to specify user-level access for the selected user.
Table 32. Visibility Type Value Descriptions
Visibility Value


The user can synchronize any of the data that is visible to them in the selected domain and that is set up for synchronization by the Administrator. This Visibility value is available for the Employees and Business Contact domains.

Sales Rep

The user can synchronize data in the selected domain based on his or her position. If the data is associated with the user's position or with a direct report's position, then the data is visible to the user in the Contacts view, and the user can synchronize that data. For example, if the Sales Team field for a Contact record lists anyone who has the same position as the user or one of the user's direct reports, then the data in that Contact record is visible to the user in the My Contacts view. This Visibility value is available for the Business Contacts domain, only.


The user is limited to synchronizing data in the selected Domain that is specifically marked as personal (non-business) data. No other user can view this data, regardless of position. This Visibility value is available for Tasks and Personal Contacts domains. Data to be synchronized must appear in the user's My Activities or My Personal Contacts views, depending on the selected domain, and must have the Private check box selected. Personal visibility is also appropriate for the Calendar domain, where an administrator must set the synchronization level settings at the domain level, rather than the user level.

NOTE:  The Personal value cannot be used for the Employees and Business Contacts domains.

(Empty field)

If the Visibility Type field is left blank, SSSE uses the default Visibility Type for the selected domain.

NOTE:  The Visibility setting described in this topic does not affect which records are visible to the user in the application; it only affects which records can be synchronized.

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