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Reinitializing an SSSE User

From time to time, you may need to reinitialize extraction for an SSSE user. For example, if a user who has previously synchronized is currently not sync-enabled, a new initial extraction must be done for that user before synchronization is reenabled for that user.

The following procedure describes how to reinitialize such a user.

CAUTION:  During the initial extract that follows reinitialization, Exchange contact records are checked for duplication before being added as Siebel records. Unfortunately, technical constraints do not allow Exchange calendar records to be checked for duplication, so a repeat of an initial extract for a given user is likely to result in duplicate Siebel Calendar records.

To reinitialize an SSSE user

  1. Navigate to Site Map > Administration - PIM Server Integration > Sync Access Control > User Map.
  2. In the User Map list, select the record for the user to be reinitialized, and then click Delete.
  3. Create a new row and remap the user, as described in Mapping Individual Users.
  4. Enable synchronization for the user, as described in Enabling or Disabling User Synchronization.
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