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About SSSE Log Files

Log files for SSSE reside in the siebsrvr\log directory, along with log files for other Siebel software modules.

The amount of information that is logged can be tuned by adjusting log level settings. By default, multiple log files are created. For information about how to tune log levels or to consolidate log files, see Modifying Log File Settings.

In particular, the log file for the Exchange Connector records the following information, which can be useful during troubleshooting:

  • Exchange Connector successfully establishing a connection to the Exchange Server
  • Exchange Connector processing domains for each user, including the number of records extracted for each domain for each user
  • Exchange Connector detecting a conflict

Other useful information that can be logged includes the following:

  • PIMSI Engine and PIMSI Dispatcher startup and shutdown information is captured in the log file whose name is of the form siebel.machineName.log, where machineName is the name of the machine where PIMSI Engine or PIMSI Dispatcher runs.
  • Several statements are typically logged regarding the beginning and ending of each extract session. This information is captured in log files that have names of the forms PIMSIEngxxxxx.log and PIMSIDispatcherxxxxx.log.

For examples of SSSE log messages, see Table 33.

Table 33. Typical SSSE Log Messages
SSSE Event
Example of Log Message for Event

User Extract Session Start

PIMSIEngSvc PIMSIInformational 4 0 2004-10-14 20:55:14 BatchMgr: Starting extract for user PIMSI1120

Extract data from Exchange Start

PIMSIEngSvc PIMSIInformational 4 0 2004-10-14 20:55:15 SBL-MBL-51026: Extracting Domain IPM.Contact for User PIMSI1120.

Extract data from Exchange End

PIMSIEngSvc PIMSIInformational 4 0 2004-10-14 20:55:30 Connector: CSSExchangeConnector::ExtractUser (): Extracted 1 records for user for domain IPM.Contact

Extract data from Siebel Start

PIMSIEngSvc PIMSIInformational 4 0 2004-10-14 20:55:51 SBL-MBL-51026: Extracting Domain PIMSI Intermediate Business Contact for User PIMSI1120.

Extract data from Siebel End

PIMSIEngSvc PIMSIInformational 4 0 2004-10-14 20:55:51 BatchMgr: Extracted 2 records for user PIMSI1120 for domain PIMSI Intermediate Business Contact

Import an Exchange record to Siebel

PIMSIEngSvc PIMSIDebug 5 0 2004-10-14 20:55:47 (ssuserinit.cpp (1002)) SBL-MBL-51027: Pushed row: RowID=7aac6063c0a8fd42806472a6ec618a0400000123a203 ,, Domain=IPM.Contact.

Export a Siebel record to Exchange


PIMSIEngSvc PIMSIDebug 5 0 2004-10-14 20:55:55 (ssuserinit.cpp (4696)) SBL-MBL-51027: Pushed row: RowID=42-5AUWH , User=PIMSI1120, Domain=PIMSI Intermediate Business Contact.

User Extract Session End


PIMSIEngSvc PIMSIInformational 4 0 2004-10-14 20:55:57 SBL-MBL-51003: Successfully extracted domain All Domains for user PIMSI1120.

Table 34 lists SSSE error messages that do not indicate a major problem; that is, these errors do not prevent the user's synchronization session from completing, and the following synchronization session for that user ordinarily will not repeat the same error messages.

Table 34. SSSE Error Messages That Can Accompany Successful Synchronization
Logged Error Message
Cause of Error
Error Codes

Failed to process the unresolved attendees for Siebel Row: row_number, Siebel Domain: domain_name.

SSSE cannot save the unresolvable attendees for the appointment in the indicated row


One or more records with the same key already exists.

SSSE found a duplicate row in the Siebel database.





One or more required fields of this record are empty.

One of the required fields for this record is empty and there was no default configured.




This record cannot be deleted because it does not exist.

SSSE cannot delete a record because it is not in the Siebel database. (It was probably deleted earlier.)



Value entered for one or more fields of this record is not compatible with their declared Data Type.

The value for one of the fields in this record is not of the correct data type for the field.


Number of characters entered for one or more fields of this record exceeds their declared Data Length.

A text field for this record has more characters than the Siebel database field can handle.



One or more fields of this record has characters that are not compatible with this DB Code Page.

At least one of the fields in this record is not compatible with the code page data base.



Alarm flag is checked for past appointment.

This appointment is scheduled in the past and has an alarm flag checked.


One or more picklist fields of this record have a value that is not part of the bounded picklist of values.

A value that SSSE is trying to use for a picklist field is not available in the picklist for the field.



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