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About SSSE Integration Objects

Each domain that SSSE synchronizes has a Siebel Integration Object and an Intermediate Integration Object. Siebel Integration Objects are used to obtain information from the Siebel database. Intermediate Integration Objects are used to send that data to the PIMSI Engine component.

You must modify Integration Objects any time you customize SSSE, whether the customization involves adding new fields or modifying existing fields. Table 23 shows the Integration Objects for each domain that SSSE handles.

Table 23.  Integration Object Names for Siebel Domains
Siebel Integration Object
Intermediate Integration Object

Business Contact

PIMSI Business Contact

PIMSI Intermediate Business Contact


PIMSI Calendar

PIMSI Intermediate Calendar


PIMSI Employee

PIMSI Intermediate Employee

Personal Contact

PIMSI Contact Personal

PIMSI Intermediate PersonalContact



PIMSI Intermediate Task

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