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About the Script Designer and Page Designer

Use the Script Designer and Page Designer to create scripts using a graphical user interface that is similar to a flowchart designer.

The SmartScript Script Designer and the Page Designer screens are similar. Both screens feature a list at the top of the screen—the Script Designer displays a list of scripts, and the Page Designer displays a list of pages. At the bottom of the screen is the Designer view workspace. The palette provides page or question icons (depending on which designer view) and branch icons in both views which allow you to join the different elements. You drag script elements onto the workspace to create your scripts.

Once you drag an element into the workspace, you can move it to any location. Pages and questions are connected with branches by dragging the branch into the designer and making sure the ends of the branch connect to the connection points on the question or page node. A connection is made when the branch and node touch displays a large box. In the workspace, you can double-click on pages or questions that have branches to or from them. Double-clicking on a page in the Script Designer takes you to the Page Designer, where you can further define the page. Double-clicking on a question in the Page Designer takes you to the SmartScript Question Administration view, where you can further define the question. You can double-click on branch icons to change the question from which it is branching. (To change the question to which a branch is pointing, you must disconnect the branch and reconnect it.)

The four points displayed on each element icon on the workspace are called connection points. Use the connection points to attach branches to elements. From the shortcut menu (right-click) you can add points to a branch. You can drag the points on branches to reshape the branch. This feature is useful when two branches are overlaying each other in the workspace.

In the workspace, the shortcut menu (right-click) provides changes to the way the designer is viewed, such as zoom, and will persist until you navigate to another view. These options are described in Table 4.

Table 4. Script Designer and Page Designer Shortcut Menu
Shortcut Menu


Allows you to perform the following edits on elements in the workspace:

n Undo a move.
n Redo a move.
n Delete an element.
n Add or remove points on a branch.
n Move branch label text backward and forward along the branch line.


Allows you to perform the following edits on elements in the workspace:

n Align multiple elements.
n Make two elements the same size.
n Move elements.
n Expand elements.


Zooms the workspace in or out by selected percentages.

Connection Points

Turns the connection points displayed on elements on and off.

Show Grid

Turns the grid on and off.

Snap to Grid

Aligns elements with the grid lines during a move.


Extends the workspace after you drag an object to the extents of the workspace.

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