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Modifying User Groups or Permissions

This section describes two alternative ways of allowing users to download ActiveX controls. Use one of these methods.

Adding Users to the Power Users Group

End users on supported Microsoft Windows platforms require write access to the Downloaded Program Files directory and the Windows registry to allow automatic download and installation.

Typically, the Power Users or Administrators groups on supported Microsoft Windows platforms have the necessary permissions. The Users group, however, does not have these permissions. Consequently, putting your users in the Power Users group or Administrators group—or in a new user group with the appropriate permissions—allows automatic download.

For more information on adding users to the Power Users group or other groups, review Microsoft operating system documentation.

Relaxing Default Permissions Granted to the Users Group

Another approach is to grant all users the appropriate permissions by relaxing default permissions granted to the Users group. To do this, execute the following command (on one line) on supported Microsoft Windows platforms:

secedit /configure /cfg %windir%\security\templates\compatws.inf /db compat.sdb

More information on this issue can be found in the following Microsoft article:;en-us;Q269259

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