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About Standard Interactivity

The standard-interactivity client provides users of Siebel applications with a user experience similar to that for users of traditional Web applications for customer applications, such as those for consumers. The usability characteristics of this deployment mode are familiar to users of typical consumer Web sites, such as,, and so on.

Most user interactions in standard-interactivity deployment mode result in a page refresh. When creating a new record, the user clicks the New button (which refreshes the page as the application displays a new entry form), enters the relevant data, then clicks the Save or Submit button (which again refreshes the page as the application redisplays the original page). Similarly, when a user browses through a list of records, the page refreshes each time a new record is selected.

When users must quickly enter, review, and edit large numbers of records, as is the case for employee applications such as Siebel Call Center, the user experience of standard-interactivity mode deployment may not meet usability requirements. However, sometimes it may be desirable to deploy employee applications in standard-interactivity mode.

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