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About Deployment Modes for Siebel Web Clients

There are two fundamental modes of deployment for a Siebel Web client:

  • Standard interactivity
  • High interactivity

The user interface characteristics of Siebel eBusiness Applications, and the experience of your end users, depends greatly on the interactivity mode in which you deploy your applications.

Each Siebel application is preconfigured to use one of these deployment modes. In most cases, it is recommended not to change the deployment mode from its default mode.

To deploy Siebel clients, software prerequisites and configuration requirements must be considered for each deployment mode. Each mode provides performance and usability characteristics that may offer advantages for a given environment. The deployment requirements for client machines must correspond to your target user characteristics.

For example, for Siebel employee applications, it is often feasible to deploy in a controlled environment where specific client and browser requirements can be met that support high-interactivity mode applications providing optimal performance and usability. For Siebel customer applications, on the other hand, your deployment must have looser client and browser requirements, which support standard-interactivity mode for a diverse set of users that conform to a basic and broadly supported browser standard.

NOTE:  You must coordinate all of your deployment activities—those described in this book and in other books, including those listed in Additional Information.

Table 8 outlines the basic differences between the two deployment modes. The sections that follow provide additional information about each mode.

Table 8.  Comparison of Standard Interactivity and High Interactivity Modes
Standard Interactivity
High Interactivity

Support for broader variety of browsers



Uses JavaScript technology



Uses ActiveX technology



Uses Java technology



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