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About Siebel Enterprise Parameters

Enterprise parameters set the attributes of the entire Siebel Enterprise Server. These parameters are initially set when the Siebel Enterprise Server is created. Each Siebel Server installed in the Siebel Enterprise Server inherits these enterprise parameters. Many of the parameters that can be set at the enterprise level are server or subsystem parameters, which can then be modified or overridden on each Siebel Server.

For example, if a Siebel environment contains multiple Siebel Servers, and the component parameters Maximum MT Servers (alias MaxMTServers) and Maximum Tasks (alias MaxTasks) are set at the enterprise level for a specific component with the values 5 and 100, respectively, then each Siebel Server in the environment runs this specific component with a maximum 5 server processes (MaxMTServers) and a maximum 100 tasks (MaxTasks). The values 100 and 5 do not apply to the enterprise as a whole but provide values for each instance of the component on an individual Siebel Server.

NOTE:  Setting a parameter at the enterprise level for a component sets the parameter for the component definition, which is the enterprise level definition for the component.

See About Siebel System Parameters for background information on other Siebel system parameters.

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