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About Siebel System Parameters

The Siebel application uses parameter values based on the level at which they are set. Parameter values at the highest levels are inherited by the same parameter at lower levels. For example, a parameter set at the enterprise level contains the same value for the same parameter at the server and component level. If a change is made to that parameter at the enterprise level, this value is inherited down to the lower levels. See Table 12 for the parameter-setting levels in order from highest to lowest.

If a parameter value is set at a lower level, and a new change is made to the same parameter at a higher level, the new change does not inherit down to the lower level unless the override is deleted at that lower level. See Deleting System Parameter Overridesfor information on deleting the lower-level override functionality.

NOTE:  Do not set lower-level parameters to a blank or empty value. Use the delete override command to negate this parameter value.

Once you set a parameter at a lower level, this value creates an entry in the siebns.dat file and, from that time on, you must maintain it at this level; that is, any further changes must be made at this level unless the override is deleted.

NOTE:  Querying for a specific parameter in either the Parameter field or the Alias field returns matches from both fields. For example, querying in the Parameter field using the expression F* returns the result Siebel File System because its alias is FileSystem.

See the following topics for details on configuring the following system parameters:

NOTE:  For information on named subsystem parameters, see About Named Subsystem Parameters.

Table 12.  Hierarchy of System Parameters
System Parameter


Default from Library

Default, hard-coded values from the library. Does not apply for passwords.


Siebel Enterprise parameter

See About Siebel Enterprise Parameters for more information.


Siebel Server parameter

See About Siebel Server Parameters for more information.


Siebel Server component parameter—enterprise level

Enterprise-level Siebel Server component parameters are set by configuring component definition parameters. See About Siebel Server Component Definitions and Configuring Siebel Enterprise Server Component Definition Parameters for more information.


Siebel Server component parameter—server level

See About Siebel Component Parameters for more information.


Siebel Task parameter

See About Task Parameters for more information. Configure these parameters mainly for batch tasks or when invoking from script or Workflow.

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