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The Siebel Environment

The Siebel eBusiness Applications environment consists of the following entities, listed in Table 3.

Table 3.  Siebel Application Entities

Siebel Clients

Includes Siebel Web client, Dedicated Web Client, Wireless Client, Mobile Web Client, handheld client, and Siebel Tools Client. For descriptions of client types, see Configuring the Browser for Siebel Web Clients.

Siebel Enterprise Server

Includes the logical grouping of Siebel Servers for a multiple server deployment (for a single Siebel Server and single Web server deployment, the Siebel Enterprise Server contains a single Siebel Server and the Siebel Gateway Name Server). The Siebel Enterprise Server, collectively with the Siebel Gateway Name Server, provides both batch mode and interactive services to and on behalf of Siebel clients.

Siebel Gateway Name Server

Includes the connection broker and name server for a single server deployment. (The name server is a separate entity for multiple server deployments.)

Siebel Database Server

Includes the RDBMS client software and Siebel tables, indexes, and seed data.

Siebel File System

Stores the data and physical files used by Siebel clients and Siebel Enterprise Server.

The Siebel Enterprise Server environment represents the middle tier within the three-tiered Siebel eBusiness Applications environment.

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