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Named Subsystem Management Commands

Use named subsystem management commands to create, delete, and modify Named Subsystems. For more information on Named Subsystems, see Administering the Siebel File System and About AOM Named Subsystem Parameters.

To create a new Named Subsystem

  • Enter:

    create named system named_subsystem_alias_name for subsystem subsystem_alias_name with parameter_alias_name1=value1, parameter_alias_name2=value2

To delete a Named Subsystem

  • Enter:

    delete named subsystem named_subsystem_alias_name

To list all Named Subsystem parameters

  • For a particular named subsystem, enter:

    list parameters for named subsystem named_subsystem_alias_name

To list a particular Named Subsystem parameter

  • Enter:

    list parameter parameter_alias_name for named subsystem named_subsystem_alias_name

To modify one or more Named Subsystem parameters

  • Enter:

    change parameter parameter_alias_name1=value1, parameter_alias_name2=value2 for named subsystem named_subsystem_alias_name

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