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CSSSWEFrameUserRegistration Class

CSSSWEFrameUserRegistration is an applet class that provides functionality for the User Registration module to have applet-level required fields.

Usage Guidelines

In the User Registration process, it is often desirable to require customers to provide pieces of information that are not necessarily a requirement in the creation of the business component record. You can use this applet class to enforce this kind of requirement.



Accessible Methods

Not applicable

Applet User Properties

The following applet user property is available for use in CSSSWEFrameUserRegistration. For more information on this and other user properties, see User Properties.

Control User Properties

Not applicable

Dependencies and Limitations

CSSSWEFrameUserRegistration should be used in the context of the User Registration module. This class assumes that the underlying business component uses the CSSBCUser class (for example, the User Registration business component).

When using the Show Required user property, the corresponding business component must use the CSSBCUser class. Additionally, the control specified in the value of this user property must be present on the applet user interface; otherwise the user has no way of entering a value for the required control.

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