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CSSSWEFrameListDocGen Class

The CSSSWEFrameListDocGen class provides the functionality for Siebel Proposal and Presentation features. This class is responsible for setting the document context (for example, Opportunity Proposal, Account Proposal, and so on) and application context (Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint). It can also submit requests to the Document Server server component to generate proposals.

CSSSWEFrameListDocGen is the base class for both Proposals and Presentations. The two specialized subclasses of this class (CSSSWEFrameListProposal and CSSSWEFrameListPresentation) set the type of document (Proposal or Presentation) and derive all other functionality from the CSSSWEFrameListDocGen class.

Usage Guidelines

CSSSWEFrameListProposal is used for Proposal applets to generate Microsoft Word documents, and CSSSWEFrameListPresentation is used for Presentation applets to generate Microsoft PowerPoint documents.



Accessible Methods

Not applicable

Applet User Properties

The following applet user properties are available for use in CSSSWEFrameListDocGen. For more information on these and other user properties, see User Properties.

Control User Properties

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Dependencies and Limitations


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